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Home to all microbial research at the University of Waterloo

The Waterloo Centre for Microbial Research is home to all microbial related research at the University of Waterloo. As such, the WCMR focuses on microbial communities and their undiscovered scientific potential. More importantly, the WCMR supports coordinated interdisciplinary research spanning the full microbial spectrum- from basic research discovery to the application of microorganisms to solve problems of economic, health, industrial and environmental impact.

We will bring together shared computational and multi-omic infrastructure and methodology, with research themes and groups covering microbiology, genomics, computational biology, bioinformatics, earth sciences, environment and ecology, as well as engineering. Researchers from all six faculties of the University of Waterloo explore, discover, and innovate through dedication, motivation, and diligence to address environmental, industrial, economic and human health challenges.