About Waterloo Environment Students Endowment Fund

The purpose of the Waterloo Environment Students Endowment Fund (WESEF) is to raise funds to improve undergraduate and graduate education and student life in the Faculty of Environment. Students who contribute to the foundation through Voluntary Student Contribution (VSC) are eligible to make WESEF proposals. All proposals must be approved by a faculty or staff member, and applicants will be required to give a short (maximum 5-minute) presentation to WESEF to give our board members a chance to ask any questions they might have about your proposal.

The WESEF board usually consists of 11 representatives, including:

  • Six undergraduate representatives from:
    • Environment, Resources and Sustainability,
    • Environment and Business,
    • Planning,
    • Geography and Environmental Management,
    • Knowledge Integration, and
    • International Development
  • Two graduate representatives (one from Planning and one from the other programs represented by the Environment Graduate Students Association)
  • One staff representative
  • One faculty representative
  • The Dean of Environment

The student representatives are chosen by their corresponding student association, while the staff and faculty representatives are chosen by the Dean of Environment from among a pool of willing candidates.

In addition, the board has four officer positions:

  • Chair
  • Vice-chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Of these positions, the Chair is elected for a one-year term during the winter Environment Student Society (ESS) elections, while the Vice-chair, Treasurer, and Secretary are elected at the first WESEF meeting of the term.

Objectives of WESEF

The objective of WESEF is to raise funds for improving environmental studies education at the University of Waterloo. Where the funds are spent is up to the environmental studies student body, people like you and me. We hear the proposals, we weigh the pros and cons, and decide what projects will get funding from WESEF. The WESEF board changes from term to term.


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