Elections for the Chair position is held each year in winter term, as a part of the elections run by the Environment Student Society (ESS). The Chair position is a one-year (three-term) position. Any full-time Faculty of Environment undergraduate or graduate student who has not requested a refund is eligible to run for Waterloo Environment Students Endowment Fund (WESEF) Chair. Please see the ESS website for details and nomination form.

The three remaining officer positions (Vice-chair, Secretary, Treasurer) are decided at the first board meeting each term.

Program representative positions are filled through their student associations, as follows:



If you would like to represent the students of your program on the WESEF, please contact your respective association.

The faculty and staff positions are assigned by the Dean of Environment. If you are a faculty or staff member who would be interested in volunteering for WESEF, please contact the Dean.

If you have any questions about joining our board, please feel free to contact us at wesef@uwaterloo.ca.