A contact lens

Contact Lens and Myopia Control

At the Cornea, Contact Lens and Myopia Control Clinic, we have access to the most technologically advanced contact lens designs.  Our clinicians are trained to fit all types of contact lenses, including specialty rigid contact lenses (sclerals, RGPs, etc.) for specific eye conditions and the most "hard-to-fit" eyes.  We can:

  • Help you decide if contact lenses are right for you
  • Fit you for new contact lenses (including specialty contact lenses for specific eye conditions)
  • Conduct check-ups to make sure your contact lenses are working properly and are the healthiest choice for your eyes
  • Provide imaging services, such as corneal topography/tomography and axial length measurements, for the diagnosis and management of a range of conditions
  • Develop individualized myopia management plans using evidence-based medicine to help slow the progression of myopia in children 

Appointments at the Cornea, Contact Lens and Myopia Control Clinic must be made by phone.

Please call 519-888-4414 (or ext. 84414 inside the University).