One of the Waterloo Institute for Hellenistic Studies' (WIHS) goals is to expand scholarship on the Hellenistic period in all of its aspects, to bring the Hellenistic era into contact with other historical eras, and to promote interdisciplinary research. To that end, we wish to create a 'cluster' of institutional partners, research associates, and graduate student members whose participation in the Institute will facilitate innovative cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, and collaborative projects. We therefore welcome expressions of interest from established researchers as well as younger scholars.

A group of scholars gathered on the balcony of Hagey Hall.

WIHS research associates at the 2008 conference: Belonging and Isolation in the Hellenistic World

Institutional partners

WIHS has been an initiative of the University of Waterloo Department of Classical Studies, most members of which are directly contributing to it.

There is a variety of support from across the campus, on an individual basis as well as by other departments (Philosophy, Religious Studies).

Beyond Waterloo, our closest links are with the School of History, Classics and Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh, UK, and with the Exeter Centre for Hellenistic and Romano-Greek Culture and Society at the University of Exeter, UK.

Research associates

Individual research associates will normally be active scholars from the national and international communities (at any stage of their career) with a demonstrated interest in the areas of research supported by the Institute.

The benefits of membership include:

  • Access to the Institute's real and virtual facilities (e.g., library, databases)
  • Opportunity to participate in seminars, conferences, and other activities supported by the Institute
  • Access to the Institute's programs and funding opportunities

If you are interested in becoming a research associate, please contact WIHS Director, Craig Hardiman.

Graduate student members

With a view to assisting in the development of the next generation of Hellenistic scholars, the WIHS welcomes graduate student membership. This membership is open to students pursuing graduate studies in the Hellenistic world at any institution. The privileges of graduate student members would be for the most part identical to those of research associates. We encourage you to consider joining WIHS as a graduate student member. 

If you are interested in becoming a graduate student member, please contact WIHS Director, Craig Hardiman.