Mission statement

As the only institute for Hellenistic Studies in North America with a markedly interdisciplinary and collaborative focus, our mission is to function as a primary network-center in this field of scholarship. In order to fulfill our mission we seek to:

  • Support and promote individual and collective applications to granting agencies and foundations that foster collaborative, interdisciplinary, and innovative projects.
  • Attract and promote young scholars who are pursuing cutting-edge research in various areas of Hellenistic studies.
  • Develop closer relations and project-specific collaboration with similar centres in Europe (especially at Edinburgh and Exeter).
  • Promote a deeper understanding and appreciation for the Hellenistic Age by means of community-focused presentations, lectures, and programs.
  • Invite the participation of senior and junior colleagues by means of visiting professorships and visiting (post-)doctoral fellowships.
  • Encourage research-related travel by our graduate and undergraduate students by means of financial support.
  • Host and sponsor conferences at Waterloo and elsewhere that are based especially upon interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches.
  • Disseminate knowledge by publishing conference proceedings in
  • Obtain access to private, corporate, and institutional funding and other resources that advance the main objectives of the Institute.
  • Develop electronic databases of resources in Hellenistic studies that will be of benefit to the research associates and other scholars.
  • Sponsor paper presentations and panel sessions at academic conferences.
Ancient pyxis from Pergamon