Name Degree Year


Janelle Lee MES (Planning) 2019 Exploring the Accessibility Gap: Quantifying Transport Disadvantage in the City of Toronto
Andrea Mikkila MES (Planning) 2018 Establishing Baseline Travel Patterns from Smart-phone and Spatial Data
Adam Fraser MASc (Civil Engineering) 2018 An Empirical Study of Bicyclists' Turning Behaviour at Signalized Intersections
Ian Dunlop MASc (Civil Engineering) 2018 Quantifying the Impact of Transit Rider Perception and Satisfaction on User Cost: An Experiential Sampling Approach Using Smartphones
Kitty Chiu MASc (Civil Engineering) 2017 Application of Crowdsourced Travel Data in Identifying Potential Opportunities for Transportation Demand Management
Jacob Terry MASc (Civil Engineering) 2017 Improving the Fiscal Transparency and Sustainability of Public-Sector Transportation Infrastructure
Veronica Sullivan MASc (Civil Engineering) 2017 Impact of Free Transit Passes on Youth Travel Behaviour
You Jin Yung PhD (Civil Engineering) 2017 Enhanced Transit Ridership Forecasting Using Automatic Passenger Counting Data

Will Towns

MA (Planning) 2016 Transit-Oriented Federalism: Policy Ideas and Dynamics in Canada's Urban Transit Policy Regime
Jason Angel MA (Planning) 2016 Managing Accessibility: A Case Study at the University of Waterloo
Kevin Yeung MASc (Civil Engineering) and MA (Planning) 2015 The Development of a Household Travel Resource Allocation Model for Kitchener – Waterloo
Zhiping She MASc (Civil Engineering) 2015 Ridership Modeling at Stop Level
Julie Belanger MA (Planning) 2015 Improving Public Understanding of Large-Scale Transit Projects: A case study of the Region of Waterloo’s ION
Akram Nour PhD (Civil Engineering) 2015 Automating and Optimizing a Transportation Mode Classification Model for use on Smartphone Data
Alex Mereu MASc (Civil Engineering) 2015 Analyzing the Behavior of Cyclists at Intersections to Improve Behavior Variability within Micro-simulation Traffic Models
Jason Neudorf MA (Planning) 2014 Understanding Accessibility, Analyzing Policy: New Approaches for a New Paradigm
Daniel Hall MA (Planning) 2013 Integration Opportunities at Transit Jurisdictional Borders
Vladimir Usyukov MASc (Civil Engineering) 2013 Development of a Cyclists' Route-Choice Model: An Ontario Case Study 
Filip Majcherkiewicz MA (Planning) 2013 Building the Iron Horse: The Evolving Transportation and Land Use Planning Philosophy towards Calgary's Light Rail Transit System
Abel Lopez Dodero PhD (Planning) 2013 Planning Public Transport Improvements in Mexico: Analysis of the Influence of Private Bus Operators in the Planning Process 
Deborah Santiago MASc (Civil Engineering) 2013 A Web-based Transit Technology Selection Model
Erica Warsh MA (Planning) 2013 Assessing the Role of Planning Interventions in Achieving Desired Land Use Impacts Around Toronto's Yonge and Spadina Subway Lines 
Debolina Banerjee MAES (Planning) 2012  
Kyrylo Rewa MASc (Civil Engineering) 2012 An Analysis of Stated and Revealed Preference Cycling Behaviour: A Case Study of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo 
Erica Springate MA (Planning) 2012 GIS Tools to Improve the Transit Planning Process 
Sasha McLeod MES (Planning) 2011 A Tale of Two (Mid-Sized) Cities: Analysis of External Factors Affecting Transit Ridership in the City of Kingston and Region of Waterloo 
Marian Saavedra MASc (Civil Engineering) 2010 An Automated Quality Assurance Procedure for Archived Transit Data from APC and AVL Systems 
Stephanie Simard MASc (Civil Engineering) 2010 The Development and Deployment of a GIS tool for Transit Network Design
Matthew Lee MA (Planning) 2010 Analyzing Residential Land Use Impacts along the Sheppard Subway Corridor 
Jeremy Finkleman MA (Planning) 2010 The HOT Solution: An examination of the desirability for High Occupancy/Toll (HOT) lanes in the Greater Toronto Area 
James LaPointe MA (Planning) 2009 A Framework for Quantifying Suburban Parking Maxima 
Akram Nour MASc (Civil Engineering) 2009 Quantifying the Impact of Transit Reliability on Users Cost - A Simulation Based Approach
Reid Fulton MA (Planning) 2008 Supply and Demand Based Transit Service Allocation: A Method of Evaluating Transit Network 
Brooke Lambert MA (LED) 2008  
Samira Farahani MASc (Civil Engineering) 2008 Impacts of the Introduction of an Express Transit Service in Waterloo Region
Irene Tian MAES (Planning) 2006