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  1. Apr. 17, 2017Enviro Students place third at WEAO Design Competition

    Congratulations to Patrick King, Ryan Law, Elliot Pai and Jay Patel (E4 Consulting), who placed third overall at the Water Environment Association of Ontario (WEAO) Student Design Competition.

    E4 Consulting: Elliot Pai, Patrick King, Jay Patel and Ryan Law 

  2. Apr. 11, 2017EMAGIN takes out grand prize

    An engineering start-up which utilizes artificial intelligence to help proactively manage the impacts of climate change and urbanization on our water infrastructure, has snagged one of the grand prizes at the Velocity Fund Finals.

  3. Apr. 6, 2017All work and lots of play

    You're a group of budding engineers, tasked with designing a playground for primary school children, that not only challenges them physically, but mentally as well. Where do you start? With the consumers, of course! The consumers in this instance, being the JK - Grade 6 students of Keatsway Public School, and the budding engineers; first year civil engineering students at the University of Waterloo. 

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