Engineer the Earth for a Better Future - High School Activities Initiative

Geological and Environmental Engineering Students

Geological & Environmental Engineering Activities Initiative
for High School Students

As climate change and resource scarcity accelerate at an alarming rate, it’s critical that we design solutions that protect the planet we all call home. The world needs individuals interested in pursuing the challenge of combining the complexity of nature and engineering design, understanding the physical mechanics of the earth’s surface & subsurface, and have an appreciation for the outdoors.

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Waterloo is proud to present FREE exclusive activities to high school classes that are keen to learn more about the planet and explore future career paths as Geological and Environmental Engineers.

Ready to have your class design solutions that protect the planet?Register below for the incredible opportunity to be immersed in hands-on activities that focus on the environment. In Geological Engineering and Environmental Engineering... the world is your classroom!

Unfortunately, our available time slots are full for spring 2022 and we are unable to accept future registration for the remainder of the 2021/2022 school year. We will recommence our offerings in Fall 2022! 


Make a water filtration system

Grade 9-10 (45-60 minutes)

Ever wondered what the importance of water filtration is? Students will create their own water filters, using simple materials found in our day-to-day life to better understand how water filtration and recycling can preserve the limited water on our planet.

It’s not dirt - It’s soil

Grade 10-11 (45-60 minutes)

What do soil, pH, and concrete have in common? The pH of soil will be tested in this activity to determine whether it qualifies for a certain scenario, such as the construction of a concrete building, with the goal of reflecting on the impact of soil for environmental purposes.

Sustainability in Engineering Presentation

Grade 10-11 (45-60 minutes)

Want to expose your students to different STEM career pathways upon high school graduation? This detailed presentation focuses on explaining what Engineering is, specifically focusing on Geological & Environmental Engineering at the University of Waterloo! Students will explore the intersection of Sustainability and Engineering.

The Unexpected Earthquake

Grade 9-11 (45-60 minutes)

Curious to understand the effects of earthquakes and seismic activity on our lives? Students will construct a building model and test its ability to withstand the influence of an earthquake.

Alumni Speaker Series

Grade 9-11 (60-75 minutes)

Waterloo Engineering is home to many successful graduates of the Geological and Environmental Engineering programs! Our Alumni Speaker Series will allow for students to engage in discussions and learn about their experiences throughout undergrad.