Departmental Health & Safety Committee

CEE maintains a departmental Health and Safety Committee that helps the department to improve health and safety management in following with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and UW Policy 34, Health and Safety Environment. Its members include:

  • Victor Lewis, HSE Committee Chair, CEE HSE Coordinator
  • Giovanni Cascante, Faculty
  • Hassan Baaj, Faculty
  • Mark Hummel, Staff
  • Mark Merlau, Staff
  • Nastaran Mosavari, Graduate Student Representative
  • Peter Volcic, Staff
  • Robert Kaptein, Staff
  • Scott Walbridge, Faculty, CEE Chair
  • Trevor Hrynyk, Faculty
  • Wayne Parker, Faculty

Students, Staff, and Faculty are encouraged to contact their direct supervisor about Health and Safety concerns, incidents, near misses, unsafe conditions, and are asked to copy the Departmental HSE Coordinator, as well.