Mandatory Safety Training

We require mandatory health and safety training for everyone in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

All working (paid or unpaid) positions (including graduate students and undergraduate students) MUST complete the following computer-based training courses:

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students, Faculty & Staff

NOTE: Additional training may be required if working in a lab; please see Students, Staff & Faculty Working in Labs


SO1100 Supervisor Safety Awareness (requires 60 minutes to complete)

​Supervisors include:

  • All supervisory and managerial staff
  • Faculty members who supervise employees, graduate students or undergraduate students in a laboratory, fieldwork or other work setting
  • Technical staff, research staff and paid graduate students assigned responsibility to supervise the work of others or the operation of a laboratory/shop

Supervisors of High Risk Work

Students, Staff & Faculty Working in Labs

Anyone who will be conducting work in the CEE laboratories must:

If you are a graduate student within the Environmental Group you will also need to complete the following:

Laboratory orientation sessions are run by the technical staff at the beginning of each term. There are different technicians for the various lab spaces as follows:

Richard Morrison
Peter Volcic

Anne Allen

Hydraulics and Hydrology:
Mark Hummel

Mark Sobon
Mark Merlau

Please contact the appropriate staff member to attend a lab orientation session.  If you do not have the appropriate safety training, you will be denied access to the labs. You must bring a copy of your training record to this session to obtain the appropriate technologist’s signature in order to be considered lab-ready.

The following lab-specific information is also important reading as it with familiarize you with individual lab procedures: 

Undergraduate Research Assistants (URA's) & Co-op Students

NOTE: Additional training may be required if working in a lab; please see Students, Staff & Faculty Working in Labs