Workplace inspections


Workplace inspections help prevent injuries and illnesses. Through critical examination of the campus, inspections identify and record hazards for corrective action. A schedule of planned workplace inspections is an essential element of a health and safety program in which standards are established and compliance is monitored.   

Open the following link to view a pdf of the Workplace inspections program.

Workplace inspections


The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) lays out the framework for the internal responsibility system. Correction of hazardous conditions must not wait for inspections. With the internal responsibility system, all members of the campus community, as part of their daily workplace activities are responsible for reporting or correcting hazardous conditions.

  • Normally, hazardous conditions should be reported directly to the supervisor.
  • Unsafe buildings and grounds conditions shall be reported to the Plant Operations department at ext. 33793 (24 hr service).

Ongoing in-class workplace inspection training is offered by the Safety Office.

Register for SO1007  - Workplace inspections through myHRinfo

Inspection checklists

Faculty areas:

  1. Laboratory (.docx)
  2. Guide to conducting a laboratory inspection.pdf
  3. Shops and studio area (.docx)
  4. Office and classroom areas (.docx)

Administrative support areas:

  1. Food Services (.docx)
  2. Plant Operations (mechanical and custodial) areas (.docx)
  3. Housing (.docx)
  4. Office and classroom areas (.docx)
  5. Food Services (.docx)
  6. Shops and studio area (.docx)

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