Standard Operating Procedures

  • For all high hazard processes and materials, it is required that an SOP be developed and individuals receive hands-on training on the SOP, the process, and materials being used. A list of high hazard process and materials that would require an SOP can be found on the Safety Office site. Department Specific SOPs and blank templates that have been developed can be found on the CEE Sharepoint site, which is accessible to all CEE students, staff and Faculty. 
  • Supervisors and Principal investigators are responsible for preparing and approving SOPs and must review each SOP annually to ensure that they are up to date. Further, they are responsible for training Staff and Students on the procedures listed in the SOPs prior to the equipment, processes or materials are used.
  • Workers and Students must read, review, receive training and sign off on an SOP prior to working with a high hazard piece of equipment, process or material. An example sign off sheet can be found at the CEE Sharepoint site under SOPs.