Fifty-four years ago six young men met as undergrads of the University of Waterloo civil engineering program and sparked a friendship that would go on to span their lifetimes. Bill Vogl, Ken Mackenzie, Don Whalen, Norm D’Andrea, Oleh Dubek and Mike Kellestine graduated with civil engineering degrees in 1974 and have nurtured a friendship that has spanned five decades.  

The foundation of their friendship was created at Village 2, now Ron Eydt Village, where they met as fresh-faced undergraduates. Their shared experiences and mutual support not only helped them survive the engineering program but also cemented a lifelong connection. Their camaraderie was so strong that even their professors took note, affectionately calling them the Super 6. 

Their time at Waterloo was marked by memorable experiences, none more significant than their survey camp trip to Camp Tawingo in Huntsville, Ont. This trip became a part of their undergraduate journey, filled with practical lessons and a sense of adventure that would stay with them throughout their careers. 

For these six friends, civil engineering was more than just a field of study; it was a calling driven by their love for problem-solving and the tangible impact of their work. As they often say, “People are always going to be drinking water.” This understanding of their profession has guided them through successful careers, contributing to society in meaningful ways. 

Norm and Mike’s career paths are a testament to the lasting impact of their education and friendships. They found a role that resonated with them so deeply that they stayed with the company for the next 40 years. Such stories of professional fulfillment are a common thread among the Super 6, each drawing strength and inspiration from their shared background. 

Reunions have been a cherished tradition for the Super 6, offering opportunities to reconnect and create new memories. Their adventures have taken them to Expo 86, on a Caribbean cruise, and to the sunny shores of Mexico. They have also returned to their alma mater reminisce about their formative years. Even when life has sent them in different directions, they have managed to organize spontaneous mini-reunions, such as a memorable meet-up in Washington, where some were on business, others on retirement trips, and a few simply decided to join the fun. For their 50-year reunion, they will be taking an Alaskan cruise in the fall to celebrate. 

“Whenever we’re together, it feels like no time has passed,” they unanimously reflected, capturing the essence of their enduring friendship. Despite the years and the distance that might separate them, the Super 6 remains as close as ever, their bond a testament to the power of shared experiences and mutual support. 

As they celebrate 50 years of friendship, the Super 6 continue to inspire with their story of friendship and lifelong connection, now including their families. Their journey is a beautiful reminder that while time may pass and circumstances may change, true friendship, much like the sturdy structures these engineers have spent their lives building, stand the test of time. 

Super 6 plus wives

2017 - Reunion with the Super 6 plus their partners