Welcome to Architectural Engineering

This brand new program is part of Canada's largest engineering school, and was developed conjointly through the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering alongside the School of Architecture.

This program was designed to produce engineers technically skilled in the whole scope of building design, construction, assessment, repair and refurbishment with an emphasis on communication, collaboration and design. This studio-based program will provide students with both the technical knowledge, as well as the design skills necessary to become industry leaders. 

This design-driven, co-op program is one-of-a-kind in North America. Through the program's studio focus, and exposure to open-ended design problems, students engage in hands-on experience, coupled with peer learning. During their third year, Architectural Engineering students will directly collaborate with Architecture students and spend two academic terms at the School of Architecture in Cambridge.

Graduates of the Architectural Engineering program will be uniquely skilled engineers with the breadth of knowledge required to facilitate communication between the various professions involved in building projects. Architectural Engineering will also be a CEAB accredited program giving students the opportunity to apply for their Professional Engineering License (P.Eng.).

  1. Aug. 19, 2022Maria Stakheiko, 4th year AE student, chosen for the OBEC’s Undergraduate Scholarship Award
    Maria Stakheiko holding the Ontario Building Envelope Council Award plaque

    Maria Stakheiko, 4th year Architectural Engineering student, was chosen for the Ontario Building Envelope Council’s Undergraduate Scholarship Award.
    Maria, who had reference/faculty sponsorship from Dr. John Straube (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the School of Architecture), receieved a scholarship that includes a year membership to OBEC and a mentor for the year, along with a monetary prize.

    Maria's announcment on LinkedIn:

    "Earlier this summer I was honoured and humbled to have been chosen for the Ontario Building Envelope Council’s Undergraduate Scholarship Award. Thank you Ontario Building Envelope Council for your generosity, and I am very excited for all of the opportunities and mentorship that this award provides!"

  2. Feb. 10, 2022Student team wins top prize at real estate conference
    team of four students

    During Jan. 28-29, a team composed of four undergraduate students from the Faculty of Engineering, Planning, and Accounting & Financial Management Students at the University of Waterloo competed in the 8th edition of the Annual Ryerson Real Estate Case Competition “Expand Your Empire (EYE)” where they won both the First Place Grand Prize and the Most Feasible Design for a total cash prize of $11,500.

  3. Oct. 4, 2021AE student starts backyard design business
    Student sitting in front of a backyard bar

    Charlie Frise, a third-year Architectural Engineering student at UWaterloo, has not let the pandemic slow him down. Rather, he has used the changing work culture to springboard his new venture of creating customisable office space in your backyard. Combining his passion for building with a keen sense of entrepreneurship, Frise kickstarted Frise Design and Build and got busy designing and creating tiny builds.

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