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Complete details of designated options available to Engineering students are provided in the Calendar in the section entitled Options, Specializations and Electives for Engineering Students. Students who satisfy the option requirements will have the appropriate designations appear on their transcript and diploma. Options often require taking extra courses during an academic term. Associated with each option is a co-ordinator who can assist you in determining how the courses may fit the best with your program.

To add or remove an option, students must complete a Plan Modification Form.

Students who wish to follow an option are strongly encouraged to declare their intent before starting the 2B term.

*This option may be of particular interest to Architectural Engineering students. The Management Sciences Option provides an understanding of the issues, concepts, and techniques related to the management of technology.


The Faculty of Engineering recognizes specializations with the Architectural Engineering BASc degree. Students who satisfy the specialization requirements (courses and grades) will have the specialization designation shown on their transcript and diploma. Specializations are intended to recognize success in a concentration of electives within the Architectural Engineering degree specification. In other words, specializations focus the selection of electives required for the base degree and do not require extra courses.

The Architectural Engineering plan has two specializations recognized by the Faculty of Engineering. Each specialization requires students to select technical electives with a common theme. Students are responsible for meeting the TE requirements of the Architectural Engineering degree when pursuing a specialization. Each specialization requires the successful completion of a minimum number of TEs specified by the specialization with a minimum average of 60%. Students must declare a specialization for it to be recognized as part of their degree and appear on the transcript and diploma.

The specialization course requirements are provided below. Exceptions to the listed courses require the approval of the CEE Department. See the Academic Calendar for more information

Building Structures Specialization

The Building Structures Specialization course requirements are:

  1. At least five TEs from the list below.
  2. At least one of CIVE 413 or CIVE 414 must be taken in the five TEs.
Course Title Term TE List
AE 315 Building Structural Systems W A
CIVE 413 Structural Steel Design S B
CIVE 414 Structural Concrete Design S B
CIVE 415 Structural System Design W B
CIVE 422 Finite Element Analysis W C
CIVE 460 Engineering Biomechanics W B
CIVE 505 Structural Dynamics S C
CIVE 512 Rehabilitation of Structures W B
CIVE 596 Construction Engineering S B

Building Systems Specialization

The Building Systems Specialization requires at minimum of four TEs from the list below.

Course Title Term TE List
AE 301 Building Enclosure Systems W A
AE 315 Building Structural Systems W A
AE 405 Building Performance Measurement Lab S A
AE 450 Building Service Systems S A
AE 572 Building Energy Analysis F, S A
AE 573 HVAC Systems, Equipment, and Energy Efficiency W A
ME 452 HVAC Load Analysis and Design Fundamentals W A

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