Scott Walbridge and Anne Bordeleau

With buildings accounting for 40% of our country's energy consumption and 50% of its primary resource consumption, as well as 30%of global greenhouse gas emissions, the urbanized world faces a demand for engineers technically skilled in the whole scope of building design, construction, assessment, repair and refurbishment. The trends of global population growth and urbanization suggest that the climate change mitigation and improvement issues impacting buildings, as well as the need for infrastructure renewal, will only continue to grow in importance through the coming years.

A new, uniquely skilled engineer is needed, one with enhanced design, collaboration and communication skills who is able to bridge the gap between science and design.

In response to these pressing issues, The Civil & Environmental Engineering Department (CEE), in collaboration with the Waterloo School of Architecture, is launching a new Architectural Engineering program for September 2018 to meet the large current and future demand for these engineers. This highly original and uniquely tailored co-op program offers the peer learning, hands-on experience, communication and design skills necessary for collaboration between the various professions and stakeholders involved in building projects. Graduates of this program will be empowered with the multi-disciplinary skills that will enable them to become leaders and “game changers” in this industry.

Watch a presentation from one of our Architectural Engineering lecturers, Andrea Atkins, as she breaks down what university life is like for an Architectural Engineering student.

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