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Architectural Engineering Academic Advisors

AE Director

Mohamad Araji, CPH 3611D, Ext. 40625

Undergraduate Coordinator & Administrative Assistant

Lianna Seebach, E2-2332, Ext. 46313

Department Administration

Acting Administrative Officer

Lorraine Quast, E2-2331, Ext. 42535

Acting Administrative Assistant 

Izabela Polowa, E2-2338, Ext. 42139

Department Assistant

Tia Sgarbossa, E2-2336, Ext. 43985

Financial Officer

Jason Escobar,  E2-2329 Ext. 48324

EngChat Program

Interested in speaking virtually with a current student? You'll have the chance to talk to one of our current Engineering students about the Engineering program, Co-op experiences, academics and what it's like to be a student at the University of Waterloo!