Courses and degree requirements

The following courses are applicable to Architectural Engineering students. Students completing this program will graduate with a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) in Architectural Engineering. Note that a total of three approved Complementary Studies Electives (CSE), in addition to AE 101, AE 392, and AE 491, and eight approved Technical Electives (TE) must be completed as detailed in the sections below

Students will be based at the Waterloo campus for all academic terms except 3A and 3B, when they will be based at the Cambridge campus at the School of Architecture.


* Must be a Technical Elective (TE) if Complementary Studies Elective (CSE) is selected in a previous term, and vice versa. 


Students are responsible for selecting their own program of electives, in keeping with the ultimate career objectives after graduation. The program must satisfy the requirements of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE). This includes having to meet minimum requirements in:

  • Mathematical Foundations
  • Natural Sciences
  • Engineering Sciences
  • Engineering Design
  • Complementary Studies

Technical Electives

Students are required to complete eight (8) technical elective (TE) courses within the following requirements:

  1. At least three (3) TEs must be from List A (Architectural Engineering Electives) 
  2. At least two (2) TEs must be from List B (Engineering Design Intensive Electives)
  3. At least one (1) TE must be from List D (Natural Science Technical Electives)

Up to two (2) TEs may be technical courses from other programs; such courses must have sufficiently advanced technical content to be allowed, and will be counted as List B TEs. Further information is available from the CEE Undergraduate Office or CEE website. Some courses of interest may require prerequisite knowledge that is not part of the core program in Architectural Engineering. Students may require extra courses or may need to seek enrolment approval from the course professor if the prerequisites have not been satisfied.

The Technical Elective Lists for the Architectural Engineering program are provided below. Note that the offering of these courses is contingent upon sufficient demand and/or available teaching resources. There may be courses added and changes made to the content, term of offering, or meet times from what is listed below. Further information is available from the CEE Undergraduate Office or CEE website.

Key for List A, B, C and D:

Term courses are offered: F=Fall term, W=Winter term, S=Spring term

List A - Architectural Engineering Technical Electives




AE 301

Building Enclosure Systems


AE 315

Building Structural Systems


AE 405

Building Performance Measurement Lab


AE 450

Building Service Systems


ARCH 570

Building Technology and Environmental Courses


ME 452

Energy Transfer in Buildings


List B - Engineering Design Intensive Technical Electives




ARCH 463

Integrated Environmental Systems


CIVE 413

Structural Steel Design


CIVE 414

Structural Concrete Design


CIVE 415

Structural System Design


CIVE 460 Engineering Biomechanics


CIVE 495

Design Intensive Special Topics in Civil Engineering as offered

CIVE 512

Rehabilitation of Structures


CIVE 596

Construction Engineering S

List C - Engineering Technical Electives




AE 497

Special Topics in Architectural Engineering

as offered

CIVE 422

Finite Element Analysis


CIVE 484

Physical Infrastructure Planning


CIVE 497 Special Topics in Civil Engineering

as offered

CIVE 505

Structural Dynamics


List D - Natural Science Technical Electives

BIOL 130 Introductory Cell Biology
BIOL 150 Organismal and Evolutionary Ecology
BIOL 240 Fundamentals of Microbiology
BIOL 273 Principles of Human Physiology 1
CHE 161 Engineering Biology
CHEM 209 Introductory Spectroscopy and Structure
CHEM 262 Organic Chemistry for Engineering
EARTH 221 Geochemistry 1
EARTH 270 Disasters and Natural Hazards
EARTH 281 Geological Impacts on Human Health
ENVS 200 Field Ecology
KIN 100 Human Anatomy: Limbs and Trunk
SCI 207 Physics, the Universe, and Everything
SCI 238 Introductory Astronomy

Complementary Studies Electives

Two Complementary Studies Elective (CSE) courses in approved non-technical subjects must be taken. The CSEs are in addition to those courses which are part of the core program and contain complementary studies material, such as AE 101 (List D), AE 392 (List B) and AE 491 (List D). The CSE courses are organized on a Faculty basis and detailed in this calendar, under the Complementary Studies in the Faculty of Engineering page. The two (2) CSE courses are to be chosen according to the following constraints:

  • One course from List A - Impact Courses,
  • One course from List C - Humanities and Social Sciences Courses

Faculty options

Complete details of designated options available to engineering students are provided in this Calendar in the Engineering section entitled Options, Specializations and Electives for Engineering students. Students who satisfy the option requirements will have the appropriate designation shown on their transcript and diploma. The following option may be of interest to Architectural Engineering students. (Note: To qualify for these options, students must achieve a grade of at least 50% in each course and must obtain a cumulative average of 60% or more in these courses.)

Option in Management Sciences

The Option in Management Sciences provides an understanding of the issues, concepts and techniques related to the management of technology. The Option consists of a sequence of six courses. Students who wish to follow the Management Sciences Option must declare their intent before starting the 2B term. For further details see the Management Sciences website.

Accelerated Master's Program

The Faculty of Engineering offers an Accelerated Master's Program. See Accelerated Master's Programs in Engineering for more details.