Miniature building façades- a transdisciplinary lab

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

This February, the second year Architectural Engineering students designed, constructed, and tested miniature façades with the aim to reduce electricity consumption due to heating but also avoid overheating due to excessive solar gains through windows.
Students were assigned a window-to-wall ratio and challenged to consider the effects of both heat loss and solar heat gains on indoor occupant comfort. This resulted in some interesting façade material choices and some innovative shading device designs.

This transdisciplinary activity bridges the gap between the knowledge of heat transfer fundamentals and building façade design learned in AE280 (Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences) and AE200 (Enclosure Design Studio) this term.

The miniature facades were tested outdoors for five days on the EIT 3rd floor patio, on a test set up that was funded and built with the support of the Ideas Clinic, the Engineering Machine Shop, the CEE Technical team, and WEEF. The students and course instructors would like to thank the EIT community for hosting us, and the whole support team for making this lab happen.

Miniature buildings set up at dusk