AE inagural capstone setting a high bar

Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Group photo of all AE capstone groups 2023

The annual Civil and Environmental Engineering Capstone Design Symposium was held on March 23. The event attracted students from around the university, industry partners, faculty members and the general public.

"The students’ undergraduate education culminates in their two-term Capstone Design Project, which gives them the opportunity to combine their technical knowledge, design principles, teamwork, and communication skills to solve a challenging engineering problem.” says Scott Walbridge, Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. “This year is a special one in that it is the first ever to include teams and projects from our inaugural Architectural Engineering Graduate Class of 2023!"

The students were excited to showcase their projects, some with additional aids of physical models, renderings, videos and even a VR demonstration.
All AE students pitched their projects to a panel of judges, competing for the MTE Consultants Inc. Design Pitch Award. Selected teams competed for the AE program Sustainable Development Capstone Design Award.

Congratulations to all 19 AE capstone groups who presented their projects during the symposium. Full list of participants and projects can be viewed online by clicking here. All team photos from the event are available on the Waterloo Engineering Facebook page.
The first AE graduating class have set the bar high, producing professional and advanced projects, and accumulating achievements. Special congratulations are in place for the following teams:

First place MTE Consultants Inc. Design Pitch Award:
TSD Building Science’s Dana Porter Library Reclad project

TSD Building Science group members

TSD Building Science (left to right): Thomas Neals, Sean Rabinovich, Sarah Furtado-Herzig, Drew Bigelow

AE Sustainable Development Capstone Design Award + Faculty-Wide Sustainable Development Award:
The GreenStem Group’s Charles Street Bus Terminal Redevelopment project

The project placed first in the AE Sustainable Development award, securing the group an opportunity to compete for the Faculty of Engineering award.
A week later, the GreenStem Group won the faculty-wide Sustainable Development competition alongside the ENVE participating group.
This isn’t the first accolade in their repertoire, the GreenStem Group won second place MTE award back in Spring 2022 for the initial stage of their capstone project.

The GreenStem Group members

The GreenStem Group (left to right): Ayden Ryan, Jillian Martin, Mackenzie Lebrun, Maria Stakheiko

Special honour:
Studio_4*’s Farmhouse project

The project was selected to represent UW and the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the 2023 National Capstone Design Competition at the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering conference. Studio_4* won first place MTE award back in Spring 2022 for the initial stage of their capstone project.

Studio_4* group members

Studio_4* (left to right): Susannah Coons, Max Daviau, Ethan Paquette, Stefan Rankovic