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Message from the Director

Welcome to the School of Planning at Waterloo!

We are an interdisciplinary community working in a range of areas in planning related to social, environmental, and economic issues. The School maintains strong connections with the profession and focuses on combining conceptually rich education with applied experience. As a School, we are guided by our Statement of Values on anti-racism, equity, diversity, inclusion that acts as a principled guide for the activities of the School and its members.

Many of our professors are actively researching and working to find applied solutions to some of the most pressing societal issues such as affordable housing, climate change, environmental conservation and policy, active transportation, urban economies, participatory planning processes, and equity and inclusion, among many others. Our students specialize in a range of subfields in planning including social planning, environmental planning, community sustainability, urban design, transportation, housing, urban economics, heritage and more.

Located in the Faculty of Environment's LEED Platinum certified Environment 3 building ,we are the only planning school in Canada to offer programs at the bachelor's, master's, and PhD levels. Our BES, MA, and MES programs are accredited by the Canadian Planning Profession and provide unique learning opportunities that combine learning about practice and theory with experiential learning opportunities. We are proud to provide a high quality education that is the foundation for students’ future success, whether in planning practice, related fields, or further studies.

We look forward to connecting with you.


Markus Moos, Director, School of Planning

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  1. Oct. 4, 2022Calgary's Sprawl

    Spatial Patterns of Freight and Logistics contribute to Calgary's Sprawl

    Clarence Woudsma contributes to a recent article in "the sprawl", a worthwhile read about how consumerism is driving a warehouse boom in Calgary.

  2. Sep. 2, 2022Associate Director, Professional Practice - New

    The School of Planning is pleased to announce a new administrative role and Mark Seasons has kindly agreed to undertake the responsibilities of Associate Director, Professional Practice. This role will support building and maintaining strong relationships with the Planning profession in addition to other relevant stakeholders.

    Mark will work to identify opportunities, liaise with stakeholders, and take initiative in the following areas: 

  3. Sep. 2, 2022Associate Director, Graduate Studies

    We are pleased to announce that Janice Barry has agreed to serve as the Associate Director, Graduate Studies for the School of Planning, effective July 1, 2022. 

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