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Today's Challenges: Future Possibilities

The School of Planning takes an interdisciplinary approach in addressing the major challenges facing our communities today as well as working with them towards a more sustainable, healthy and vibrant future for the places we call home.

Our comprehensive approach is drawn from the diverse range of planning areas including environmental planning, community sustainability, urban design, transportation, housing, urban economics, and heritage. Located in the Faculty of Environment's LEED Platinum certified Environment 3 building, it is the only planning school in Canada to offer programs at the bachelor's, master's, and PhD levels.

Accredited by the Canadian Institute of Planners, our programs provide unique experiential learning opportunities and a high quality education that is the foundation for their future success!

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  1. Feb. 17, 2017Planning students journey to Japan

    By Farah Hasan, Communications & Social Media Coordinator, Faculty of Environment

  2. Feb. 15, 2017In the media: Dawn Parker, planning alumni on why workplaces lag ehind high rises along LRT

    Workplace development near LRT stations lagging home building

    Originally posted by Dheana Ramsay on the Faculty of Environment website

  3. Jan. 23, 2017A co-op student's experience working abroad

    Open roads: one co-op student’s experience working abroad

    by Andreea Perescu

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