Studio project course samples

PLAN 405 - Integrated Planning Project

This senior level course provides an opportunity for students to integrate their planning skills and knowledge in an applied context. Working under the supervision of Planning faculty, student groups will tackle case studies based on local real world examples. The projects will require an integrative approach with required design, analytic, and theoretical elements. Students will develop, implement, and present their term projects in a professional setting.

Sample projects - 2019

Our History, Our Growth: A Strategy for a Growing Barrie (PDF)

  • Client: City of Barrie - Tomasz Wierzba, Planner and Kathy Suggitt, Manager of Strategic Initiatives, Policy and Analysis
  • Consultant: Nek*to
  • Team Members: Michaela Abatecola, Jonathon Ackerley, Aibelle Babista, Elizabeth Duguay, Shalaka Jadhav, Ellen McGowan, Rina Zhou
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Luna Khirfan

Strategic Sargassum Preparedness Plan (PDF)

  • Client: Commonwealth of Dominica – Kurt Hilton, Fisheries Officer
  • Consultant: Resilify Inc.
  • Team Members: Leslassa Armour-Shillingford, Connor Dipietro, Jeremy Kruizinga, Ivana Osojnicki, Serene Shahzadeh, Holly Smale
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeremy Pittman

Bramalea GO Mobility Hub Land Use Assessment Study (PDF)

  • Client: City of Brampton - Alex Taranu, Senior Advisor of Architectural Design
  • Consultant: Incrementi Consulting Ltd.
  • Team Members: Rawan Amin, Sydney Bailey, Alison Bucking, Natalia Godwinska, Kate McNamara, Nhel Soriano, Anna Yu
  • Faculty Mentor: Mr. Bill Green

Grimsby Beach Tourism Management Plan (PDF)

  • Client: Town of Grimsby – Amy Shanks, Senior Planner and Janice Hogg, Senior Planner
  • Consultant: : Plantel Consulting
  • Team Members: Paul Cech, Jennie Cheung, Asiya Patel, Dylan Prowse, Wyatt Rehkopf, Vanesss Witt
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr. John Lewis

Northdale in Review: Assessing Five Years of Change (PDF)

  • Client: WSP Canada Group Ltd. - Matt Rodrigues, Planner and Yasmin Afshar, Planner
  • Consultant: NAG (Neighbourhood Anatomy Group)
  • Team Members: Ben Allen, Ben Crooks, Ritee Haider, Catherine Klebanov, Ren Lo, Ian Search
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Markus Moos

Sample projects - 2018

Autonomous Connected Vehicles - Adapting Municipal Transportation Policies (PDF)

  • Client: IBI Group - Vikram Hardatt, Transportation Planner
  • Consultant: Croby Consultants
  • Team Members: Lucas Braun, Felix Chau, Pinremola Olufemi, Niranjan Rajevan, Lily Sun, Corey Yuen
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Clarence Woudsma

Developing An Official Plan Implementation Assessment Framework (PDF)

  • Client: Region of Peel - Melanie Williams MCIP, RPP, Principal Planner; Madison Van West, Junior Planner; Indro Bhattacharyya, MCIP, RPP, Senior Planner
  • Consultant: Versata Consulting
  • Team Members: Trevor Alkema, Timothy Choi, Tracy Tang, Jonathan Walters, Michelle Wong
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mark Seasons

The Role of Community and Stakeholder Engagement in Planning Without the Ontario Municipal Board (PDF)

  • Client: Urban Land Institute Toronto – Emma West, MCIP, RPP, Partner; Stephanie Kwast, MCIP, RPP, Associate (Bousfields Inc.)
  • Consultant: 405 Planning Consultants
  • Team Members: Andrew Diaz-Papkovich, Vasya Jeyakanthan, Matt Vartanian, Veronica Wong, Regan Zink
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Carrie Mitchell

Southwest Kitchener Community Structure Plan (PDF)

  • Client: Activa – Mr. Larry Masseo MCIP, RPP, Planning and Development V.P; Mr. Jason Malfara, MCIP, RPP, Senior Development Planner
  • Consultant: Citify Planning and Design
  • Team Members: Michelle Baya, Samantha Leger, Kevin Persaud, Michelle Tien, Luisa Vacondio, David Vanderwindt
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr. John Lewis

Missing Middle Housing: Accessory Dwelling Units Implementation Study (PDF)

  • Client: City of Burlington – Mr. Jamie Tellier, MCIP, RPP, Manager of Urban Design
  • Consultant: Norac Planning and Design
  • Team Members: Jessica Damaren, Anita Helmers, Wei Sheng Huang, Jon Kerr, Brashanthe Manoharan, Philip Pham
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr. John Lewis

Valuing Muskoka’s Natural Assets (PDF)

  • Client: District Municipality of Muskoka – Mr. Will Towns, Planner
  • Consultant: Viridi Consulting
  • Team Members: April Best-Sararas, Anson Chau, Michael Keller, Stuart Miller, Dominic Simpson, Jiaying Xin
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeremy Pittman

Sample projects - 2017

Municipal Planning Data: Investigation of Effective Tools for Sharing Spatial Information (PDF)

  • Client: City of Cambridge, Robert Delorme, Manager, IT Strategy Planning Portfolio
  • Consultant: GeoPlan Strategies
  • Team Members: Johanna Caesar, Aaron Cheng, Kelly Livingstone, Jelena Mancic, Allen Yu
  • Faculty Mentor: Professor Dawn Parker

Defining Development Opportunities for Small-Scale Housing In the Greater Toronto Area (PDF)

  • Client: Sorbara Group of Companies, Catherine Pan, MCIP, RPP, Development Manager
  • Consultant: Evolve Consulting
  • Team Members: Ore Alade, Vikram Hardatt, Richard Kelly-Ruetz, Erin Tng, Vivian Wong
  • Faculty Mentor: Professor Mark Seasons

Re-Imaging Meadowvale Town Centre as a Place for Young Adults and Families (PDF)

  • Client: City of Mississauga, Jordan Lee, MCIP, RPP, Planner, Policy Planning
  • Consultant: Hybrid Consulting
  • Team Members: Janice Cheung, Mehr Hazari, Deeksha Choudry, Terence Ho, Stephanie Mirtitsch, Simon Wong
  • Faculty Mentor: Professor Leia Minaker

Development Options and Visualization for Vacant Lands in Smithville (PDF)

  • Client: Township of West Lincoln, Gerrit Boerema, Planner II
  • Consultant: Inno-/scape
  • Team Members: Brandon Almeida, Daniel Angelucci, Melissa Diep, Chantal Kitamura, Crystal-Lynn Rawson)
  • Faculty Mentor: Karen Hammond

PLAN 721 - Advance Planning Project Studio

This student centered studio course involves partnering with a local community, providing student led groups on opportunity to emulate professional practice under the guidance of an assigned faculty member. Skills and knowledge developed in the introductory studio course are enhanced and important community engagement skills are emphasized in the chosen project. Reflective learning is central as students are expected to assess the process, the outcome, and the interrelationship between them. Community presentation of the problem solution is required.

Sample projects - 2020

Land Use Compatibility Jobs or Intensification (PDF)

  • Client: Nancy Adler
  • Consultant:
  • Team Members: Tanya Roberts, Maduni Madanayake, Kadence Bunke, Justin Van Der Merwe, David Attema
  • Faculty Mentor:

Natural Heritage Protection and Process: International Review (PDF)

  • Client: Carolinian Consulting
  • Consultant:
  • Team Members: Lucas Mollame, Lindsay Noren, Anu Garcha, Natalee Crooks-Irving, Dominic Cheung, Catherine Mackinnon
  • Faculty Mentor:

Dead Malls Rising (PDF)

  • Client: UrbanMetrics Inc., Rowan Faludi, Chris White
  • Consultant:
  • Team Members: Lindsey Soon, Patrycia Menko, Binesh Lodhi, Bryan Wong, David Ferrone, Faegeh Gholami
  • Faculty Mentor:

Urban Design Guidelines for Established Residential Neighbourhoods

  • Client:
  • Consultant:
  • Team Members: Telina Debly, Mark Di Loreto, Gwenyth McCarthy
  • Faculty Mentor:

Sample projects - 2019

Southern Ontario Airport Analysis (PDF)

  • Client Partner: UrbanMetrics Inc, Doug Annand, Partner and Cate Flanagan, Associate Consultant
  • Course Instructor: Robert Lehman, Dana Anderson, Nancy Alder – Fall 2019
  • Student Team Members: Rex Lin, Michael Mahu, Isha Rana, Emily Stanley

City of London Cohousing (PDF)

  • Client Partner: Adobe Consulting
  • Course Instructor: Robert Lehman, Dana Anderson, Nancy Alder – Fall 2019
  • Student Team Members: Avinash Soni, Robert Arku, Sagar Babbar, Suzan Rakha, William Turman

The Ward and Annex (PDF)

  • Client Partner: City of Guelph
  • Course Instructor: Robert Lehman, Dana Anderson, Nancy Alder –€“ Fall 2019
  • Student Team Members: Brandon Petter, Brayden Wilson, Lee Barich, Shahad Kashmiri

Land Use Planning Guidelines for Bus Rapid Transit and Priority Bus Corridors (PDF)

  • Client Partner: Metrolinx
  • Course Instructor: Robert Lehman, Dana Anderson, Nancy Alder –€“ Fall 2019
  • Student Team Members: Alison Curtis, Harshitha Damodaran, Tharushe Jayaveer, Mishaal Rizwan, Aaron Shantz

Tree Protection and Tree Management (PDF)

  • Client Partner: The City of St. Catherines, Jessica Button, Project Development Planner
  • Course Instructor: Robert Lehman, Dana Anderson, Nancy Alder – Fall 2019
  • Student Team Members: Kaitlin Webber, Melissa Le Geyt, Theresa O’Neill, Vignesh Murugesan