Welcome Event

The School of Planning is a unique community of students, staff, faculty, and supporters with vibrant and formal ties to the profession of Planning. Unlike typical university programs, we begin by recognizing that you have not only chosen to study Planning but in doing so have also chosen a career path. The Welcome to Planning Ceremony is our chance to celebrate the beginning of your educational journey and introduce you to the profession.

The Welcome to Planning ceremony combines a relaxed networking event and an informative and interactive presentation headed by our faculty, including a “talk show” panel discussion with faculty, alumni, and practicing Planners. This event aims to provide our first-year undergraduate and graduate students with a clear picture of what being involved in the Planning community means, and where that can take them.

Why Should You Attend?

The Welcome to Planning ceremony will provide students with a valuable chance to connect with their peers, their professors, and the School of Planning staff in a less formal environment, building a network which will support a sense of belonging at the School of Planning. Students will learn about a variety of ways to become involved in the school community and will learn more about the opportunities available to them in the Planning field through discussion with faculty and practicing Planners.

The Welcome to Planning ceremony also provides parents and supporters with an excellent opportunity to get involved in their student’s academic career by learning more about the School of Planning and experiencing aspects of the School community first-hand. Opportunities will be available to connect directly with their student’s peers, professors, and staff that support their academic journey. It is also an opportunity for us to come together and celebrate an exciting moment in your student’s life, the accomplishments that have brought them here, and the challenges ahead.

The Welcome to Planning Ceremony continues a wonderful tradition in the School of Planning and should not be missed. We really value the chance to help our students start their academic careers off with a sense of welcome and belonging at the School of Planning, and we hope to see you there in September!

Please RSVP for the Welcome to Planning Ceremony if you are an incoming undergraduate or graduate student this coming fall.