Association of Graduate Planners (AGP)

The Association of Graduate Planners (AGP) collectively represents graduate planners to the University of Waterloo, the Faculty of Environmental Studies, and to the planning profession at large. The AGP maximizes academic and social benefits for graduate planning students through the development of networks, activities, and partnerships.

The role of AGP

The Association of Graduate Planners believes in developing social and academic networks with professional planners, the University of Waterloo faculty and students and the community to encourage and enhance the learning experience of graduate planning students. We believe in assisting the student body in making extraordinary contributions to society by forging the ideas of tomorrow with the research and relationships of today. We believe that every incoming graduate planning student should be welcomed into the graduate planning community through orientation and mentoring to make their graduate experience successful and fun.

AGP objectives

The Association of Graduate Planners commits to the following objectives to be carried out on an annual basis in the manner that its members see best fit: To provide opportunities for student members to interact academically and socially with other graduate and undergraduate planning students, professional planners, the University of Waterloo faculty and students, and the community.

AGP infographic

To provide opportunities for students to learn about the provincial and national planning associations: the Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI), and the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP).

To provide incoming students with an orientation program to the School of Planning, the Faculty of Environmental Studies and the University of Waterloo To provide a voice to represent the opinions and concerns of the planning student body as a whole on university-related committees / groups including:

  • Faculty of Environmental Studies Executive Committee
  • School of Planning
  • Waterloo Environmental Studies Endowment Fund
  • Environmental Studies Admissions Committee
  • Graduate Student Association

Current AGP Executive members and their contact information

Check out the School of Planning Resources on LEARN for AGP newsletters and minutes of general meetings.

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