About the School of Planning

Environment 3 building

The School of Planning is the only planning school in Canada to offer programs at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD levels. With the exception of the Master of Planning program (MPlan), the academic programs offered by the School are recognized by the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP). The School’s programs and courses provide students with skills and perspectives necessary for successful careers as professional planners. Students are encouraged to explore widely the various academic offerings throughout the University in order to achieve their unique intellectual potential as individuals.

Why Study at Waterloo

The School of Planning at Waterloo is a unique blend between municipal, urban and regional planning. The program aims to expose students to a number of areas of planning while helping them develop their skills in their area of choice. The School also aids students in achieving their full potential through the bright faculty, excellent facilities and collaborative student life.


The faculty in the School of Planning are comprised of some of the most experienced professionals in both Planning and teaching. With numerous CIP accredited members and world renowned researchers, the faculty contributes to the uniqueness and diversity of the School.


The School of Planning offers a range of facilities for student success. Students will study in the LEED Platinum accredited Environment 3 building. Some of the main facilities Planning students will be using on a regular basis are: the design studio, the Design and Modelling Centre Lab, and the resource room to name a few!

Student Life

Students in the School of Planning are exposed to various areas of Planning through scheduled courses and the numerous societies and events. Students can get involved in the community by joining the Planning Student’s Association (PSA) and Association of Graduate Planners (AGP)volunteering for school events or hanging out in the planning design studio!

The School of Planning is a professional school located within the Faculty of Environment. There are many opportunities for research and teaching within the other academic units in the Faculty, i.e., the Department of Geography and Environmental Management, and the School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability.