Understanding our Changing Planet

Finding practical solutions to complex problems. As a globally respected discipline, Geography is highly relevant in today’s complex world, giving us the perspective and tools to respond to many challenges facing society. At its core, Geography seeks to provide a location context and practical solutions to address issues that span from the local to the global. This interdisciplinary field bridges the social sciences (human geography), information technology (geomatics), and the natural and physical sciences (physical geography) in finding sustainable solutions to global to local problems. At Waterloo, Geography and Environmental Management (GEM) does all of this.

If you are interested in research-infused graduate and undergraduate programs that offer innovative hands-on experiential training, quantitative and qualitative skills development, and an integrative perspective that needed to tackle the toughest environmental and sustainability challenges, you have come to the right place.

  1. Sep. 5, 2019Arctic Field School 2019 - find out what our adventurous students are doing in the Canadian North.

    The Department of Geography and Environmental Management's inaugural Arctic Field School is underway. Find out more about what our adventurous group of students, led by our own intrepid Prof. Christine Dow, is up to as they chart their way through the Canadian Arctic.  The daily blog can be found here.

  2. Aug. 27, 2019Incoming first-year students bring home multiple medals from international geography competition
    iGeo Students

    Congratulations to incoming 1st year students Andrew Ding (Geomatics, 2nd from left), and Ben Woodward (Geography & Environmental Management, 2nd from right) who recently brought home multiple medals from The International Geography Olympiad in Hong Kong. 

  3. Mar. 13, 2019GEOG 181 Wins 2018 Award for Excellence in Online Course Design

    The Centre for Extended Learning announced that the online course GEOG 181 – Designing Effective Maps – has won the 2018 Award for Excellence In Online Course Design.The centre noted that the course “is a great example of how straightforward, but solid, course design can result in a positive online learning experience for students.” Students who have taken the course noted its well-organized structure, and the “relevant, interesting assignments that connected directly back to course

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