Geography@Waterloo by the Numbers


Number of core undergraduate degree plans: 9

  • BES Hons. Geography and Env. Management (Co-op & Regular)
  • BES Hons. Geomatics (Co-op & Regular)
  • BSC Hons. Climate and Environmental Change (Co-op and Regular)
  • BES Hons. Geography and Aviation (Regular)
  • BES Joint Hons. Geography and Env. Management (Regular)
  • BES Joint Hons. Geomatics (Regular)
  • BSC Hons. Climate and Environmental Change (Regular)
  • Minor in Geography and Environmental Management
  • General Degree in Geography and Env. Management (3 years)

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Undergraduate program pathways: 5 specializations
Our Geography and Geomatics plans provide the ability for students to tailor their degree to specific interests in geography, sustainability and environmental management. Our specializations are Geomatics, Climate Change and Environment, Earth Systems Science, Economy and Society, and Aviation.

Arrows indicating flexibility.

Flexibility in course selection: a high degree
Students in all plans have significant flexibility in course selection to pick electives that interest them within their degree plan.


Undergraduate experiential co-op opportunities: 5 terms
Co-op opportunities provide real-world paid experience in work-related fields for students keen to engage with the wider world.

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Undergraduate field course opportunities: 8
Five courses in the program offer field trips as part of their regular course offering. Each year, upper year field courses travel to one of the following places: Nepal, Indonesia, China, the Arctic.

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Annual student intake: ~170 undergraduate and ~85 graduate students
Students are welcomed into our degree programs from a variety of different backgrounds and places. The Geography we do is not your Grade 9 geography but highly interdisciplinary and solutions focused.

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Number of alumni from GEM (since 1970s): 6,826


Global locations of geography alumni: -90S to 90N
Our graduates are well-prepared to made an impact in the world and effect change across diverse industries.

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Number of core graduate plans: 8
MES, MA, MSc Geography (by Thesis); Masters of Climate Change, MES, MA (by Major Research Paper); Graduate Diploma in Climate Risk Management; PhD.

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Number of professors and staff: 37
As one of the largest geography departments in Canada, GEM has many strengths, including excellence in research and teaching driven by a dynamic and diverse interdisciplinary approach. We are known for our cutting edge expertise in Climate Change, Environment and Society, Earth System Science and Geomatics.