The cooperative work terms provide additional practical experience for those strongly oriented towards future careers and enables them to enter the professional practice directly.

Students must complete a minimum of four out of five scheduled work terms and submit a work term report at the completion of each work term: four overall. Students who successfully complete their work term reports will have a milestone coded on their academic record. The first work term occurs in the Winter of their second year. Beginning with the second work term placement, a total of three work term reports are submitted to GEM/GEOM using the LEARN drop box. The reports are due 10 days after the first day of classes in the term following the work term. Please follow the co-op work report guidelines and a sample work report (PDF).

*NEW* If you need an extension for this submission, you must file a petition form (PDF) for extension and have it approved by the Associate Dean's Office by submitting the required paperwork to your course administrator.

If your report receives a grade of 38 (fail), revisions must be made and submitted on LEARN by the 40th day of classes of the current term. Please follow the resubmit guidelines.

Co-op students in the Faculty of Environment are required to complete a minimum of four Professional Development (PD) courses, including an introductory course (PD1) which is a combination of résumé writing and work search process information. PD1 must be taken prior to the first work term. PD2/PD12 is completed during the first work term placement. The PD2/PD12 requires a work term report to be written and it will count as your first work term report. Other than PD1, these courses are normally taken during co-op work terms. Students are encouraged to take a PD course each work term until the requirement is met.

To be eligible to continue in the Department of Geography and Environmental Management Honours Co-op plans, students must obtain a minimum cumulative overall average of 65%, and 70% in their major average (GEOG and ENVS courses) and Geomatics require a special major average of 60% throughout their academic plan.

For questions regarding the administration of work reports, please contact the Geography and Environmental Management Advisor, Miljana Kovacevic or the Geography & Aviation/Geomatics Advisor, Jesse MacLeod.

Last updated April, 2020.