Plan requirements

If you entered Geography and Environmental Management (GEM) or Geomatics plan before September, you have the choice of following the requirements outlined in the current calendar, or the requirements of an earlier calendar.

If you wish to follow the requirements described here, rather than an earlier version, then you must make this request on a Plan Modification Form (PDF).

Specializations, options, diplomas, and minors

As a Department of Geography and Environmental Management student, you can focus your interests in one of five specializations:

  • Aviation
  • Climate Change and Environment
  • Economy and Society
  • Earth Systems Science
  • Geomatics

You can further pursue your interests by doing an option, diploma or minor as part of your degree.

Modifying your plan

Students who intend to add a minor, option, or second major (e.g., joint honours or concurrent degree) to their academic studies must receive approval from the Director or Advisor for the second major, minor and/or option, as well as the Undergraduate Officer for their major plan of study.

A Plan Modification Form (PDF) must be completed, signed, and submitted to Crystal Vong at for GEM, Geomatics and CEC  plans, or Sophie Dallaire at for Geography and Aviation, and 1+2+1/2+2 plans prior to the start of year three.