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Master of Climate Change (MCC)

Degree Requirements Master's Research Paper Option Internship Option*
Core Courses

3 required core courses (offered on campus only and in the fall term only)

The three required core courses provide a broad foundation in the research and practice specific to each of the three Working Groups of the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC):

Climate Change Elective Courses

2 climate change electives

Students are able to tailor their program of study based on their individual interests by completing 2 climate change designated electives which can be chosen from, but are not limited to, the following list. The availability of climate change designated electives varies year‐to‐year, including newly approved courses.

Open Elective Courses

2 open electives

Open electives can be chosen from the climate change designated electives list, partnering programs within the Faculty of Environment, and graduate programs offered by other faculties.


Completion of a master's research paper

Completion of a four-month professional internship*

Time for completion

Normally: 3 terms of full-time studies; a part-time option is available

A typical course load is 3 or 4 courses (the 3 required core courses and one elective) in the fall term, the remaining 3 or 4 required electives in the winter term, and the master's research paper or internship in the spring term. Students interested in courses that are offered in the spring term can reduce their fall or winter course load accordingly and take 1 course in the spring term while completing their master's research paper or internship).

Minimum GPA to graduate 75%

*It is the student’s responsibility, with advice from the MCC Program Director and staff, to seek out and confirm an organization with which they will undertake an internship.

Students are required to enroll and pay fees each term that they are active in the program. Terms in which students are working on major research papers and/or internships are considered active terms.


Further inquiries can be directed to the Teresa Wilson, MCC Graduate Program Administrator.

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Graduate Diploma in Climate Risk Management (CRM)

Degree Requirements Coursework Option

Offered only online on a part-time basis.

Students must complete 4 courses from the following list:

GEMCC 600 Fundamentals of Climate Change is required unless students can demonstrate equivalent competence (e.g. through undergraduate climate change courses and/or equivalent professional experience). Students choose 3 of the 4 remaining courses, or all 4 courses if they are able to demonstrate competence and opt out of GEMCC 600.

Time for completion Normally: 4 terms of part-time studies; there is no full-time option available
Minimum GPA to graduate 70%


Further inquiries can be directed to the Teresa Wilson, MCC Graduate Program Administrator.

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