Please take the time to review and familiarize yourself with the University of Waterloo's Policy 31 - Travel.

The Office of Research website provides a Travel Spending section which includes details of the most important information students should know before travelling and submitting a claim. And they also have a Research Travel Claims - Information for Students summary sheet.

Please note that travel advances (cash advances) and claims must be settled within one month of returning, failure to do so may result in delayed payments.

For expenses incurred ahead of time, Claimants have the option of a cash advance to prevent the Claimant from being out of pocket for an excessive period of time.

For workshops or conferences paid for in advance, the claim for reimbursement cannot be submitted until after the Claimant has attended the event.

Several trips cannot be combined on one claim, they must be submitted individually.

Per diems cannot be claimed for any attendees only for yourself, meals with attendees requires itemized meal receipts.

This information is sent to all graduate students in the department via email each term.