Transferring into the GEM department

Requirements for transfer to GEM or Geomatics

  • Completion of a minimum of any three GEOG courses (excluding GEOG 100 - On Becoming a Geographer), or two GEOG courses (excluding GEOG 100) and one ENVS course.
  • 70% overall average in all GEOG and ENVS courses taken to date.
  • Currently enrolled in a co-op plan if requesting a transfer to a co-op plan in GEM.

If you meet these requirements, please submit a Plan Modification or Internal/Faculty Transfer Application form (PDF) to the Registrar's Office.

* Please note that the Geography & Aviation program is subject to certain constraints, and many not be able to accept transfer students at certain times. If you are interested in transferring into the program, please contact Jesse MacLeod for more information.