Plan Modification Form

PDF forms should be filled out, signed where applicable, and emailed to the applicable instructor/advisor for approval or submitted to the email indicated on the form.

Use this form to declare a new academic plan or to make changes to your current plan(s) or program.

Plan Modification Form (PDF)

Exception for certificates and diplomas: These can only be declared at the time of graduation on the Application to Graduate; however, non-/post-degree diplomas can be declared using this form anytime by non-degree/post-degree students not pursuing a degree (does not apply to non-degree students trying to transfer faculties).

Plan modification notes

  • If you wish to transfer faculties, use the Faculty Transfer Form.
  • If assistance is needed to understanding terminology used on the form, refer to the Glossary of Terms.
  • Specific major notes:
    • If you want to add/declare a Computer Science (CS) major, contact a CS advisor first.
    • If you are requesting to add or remove the Arts and Business academic plan, indicate it on the applicable major field on the form.
    • If you want to add/declare a Geography and Aviation or Science and Aviation major, contact the appropriate advisor first.