This weekend, the University of Waterloo will host it's 127th convocation. Each year, the university awards over 7,380 bachelor's degrees, 2,130 master's degrees, and 350 doctoral degrees, demonstrating the profound impact of our academic programs and the dedication of our students.

The completion of any degree takes dedication, commitment and perseverance. Completing a doctoral degree in particular requires you to go beyond deepening your knowledge and understanding of existing research. Instead, you are becoming an expert in a subject area and producing new, original research in your field of study.

Included in the list of doctoral graduandsis Hongjie He, who will receive his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Geography. 

Hongjie joined the Department of Geography and Environmental Management after completing his Master of Science (MSc) at Lanzhou University. He worked under the supervision of Dr. Jonathan Li in Geospatial Intelligence and Mapping Lab, where his research focused on the image spatial resolution enhancement (super-resolution), rooftop delineation, object detection, land use, and land cover classification. Hongjie has published in several academic journals including the International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and GeoinformationInternational Journal of Applied Earth Observation and GeoinformationGeomatica and Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing. After graduation, Hongjie plans to pursue a postdoctoral fellowship to deepen his expertise in geospatial sensing.

Hongjie He

From the Department of Geography and Environmental Management and the Faculty of Environment, congratulations Dr. Hongjie He!