The University of Waterloo declares a climate emergency

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Carbon Distribution
Global climate change is a grand challenge for society in the 21st century. The observed impacts and future risks of accelerating climate change demand determined climate action. With a growing number of countries and businesses declaring a climate emergency and pledging to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, demand continues to increase for ‘climate intelligence’ and professionals in all sectors to possess a holistic knowledge of climate change science, policy and management. GEM offers two graduate programs that equip students with the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to assess and manage carbon and climate risk.

The University of Waterloo has joined with thousands of global leaders and organizations around the world to declare a climate emergency. The University of Waterloo has been a pioneer in climate change higher education with Canada’s first Master of Climate Change and our declaration recognizes students as critical agents of change.  Together with colleagues from across campus we will continue to pursue our mission of empowering learners to succeed in careers which will be impacted by climate change and actively contribute to the transformations required in business, government and civil society.

Find out more about our Climate Change Research and Undergraduate and Graduate programs in climate change.

Image caption: NASA is advancing new tools like the supercomputer model that created this simulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to better understand what will happen to Earth's climate if the land and ocean can no longer absorb nearly half of all climate-warming CO2 emissions. 
Image source: Creative Commons.