Student work experiences

The School of Planning at Waterloo has a long history and reputation for its comprehensive approach to planning, integrating environmental best practices into urban planning and design.

The School’s mission is to teach tomorrow’s planners how to create a healthier environment, economy and society – to develop communities in which people enjoy and support vibrant city life, accessible parks, efficient transportation and a clean environment.

About our students

Waterloo’s undergraduate and graduate students have a solid foundation in planning theory, professional planning practices, land use planning fundamentals, design, applied research skills, team and project management skills. They are creative problem solvers, effective communicators, and willing to step into a range of situations.

Partnerships are key to past and future success!

Our students and faculty look forward to working with you!

The School has revamped its BES (Planning, Honours) and MA/MES (Planning) programs to incorporate a greater focus on planning practice. This will be achieved through work experiences/internships and projects from real-world clients in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

If you have interest in contributing to experiential education within the School of Planning, we have many opportunities for you to do so! Our undergraduate program offers co-op to all of our students - for more information see HIRE Waterloo. Our experienced graduate students are also available for internships, and all of our students are able to work in project courses. If you are interested in any other ways of contributing to experiential learning within our school, please contact Dr. Mark Seasons.

Further details about these initiatives can be found here: