Get Involved

Throughout the year, there are many events, activities and opportunities to get involved with the School of Planning!

Induction Ceremony

This event kick-starts the school year by welcoming new students to the School of Planning. The School welcomes all volunteers to help with registration, directions, preparation and photography of the event.

Graduation Luncheon and Ring Bearing Ceremony

An annual School of Planning specific event to celebrate the graduation of the School's students. The event features numerous guest speakers, a luncheon and a ring bearing ceremony. Volunteers are welcome to aid in the preparation of the event hall, registration and photography of the event.

For more information about upcoming events in the School of Planning, please contact Jonathon MacAlpine.

Teaching Assistant Application

Students are welcome to apply for a Teaching Assistant position during their school terms. All teaching assistant positions occur during the fall and winter and the application process begins in the Summer. Students will recieve an email invitation to apply for planning TA positions around May.

Fall courses requiring undergraduate teaching assistants: PLAN 102 and PLAN 210

Winter courses requiring undergraduate teaching assistants: PLAN 103, PLAN 110, PLAN 211 and PLAN 409

For more information about the Teaching Assistant Application and process, please contact your Undergraduate Advisor.