Work Experience/Internships

One of the most important elements of our MA/MES (Planning) program is the opportunity to gain hands-on planning experience - and news skills and knowledge - in a real-world environment. Experience as a planning employee/intern can really enhance marketability to future employers.

This opportunity is provided through the mandatory work experience/internship program which takes place between Years 1 and 2. The positions are usually 10-14 weeks in duration and can be in a planning organization, or in a closely related area that is similar to planning.

Our students have found positions in the public, private, and non-profit sectors in Canada and overseas. Students search for their work experience/internships while the School supports this search through promotion of the work experience/internship program, by building networks of potential employers, posting opportunities for review, and through special job search training that the university offers.

Work Experience/Internship Learn site

Graduate students are required to submit a Work Experience/Internship proposal prior to beginning the work experience/internship. All required forms can be found on the Work Experience/Internship Learn site, which also provides:

  • A checklist of what needs to be completed and when
  • Work experience/internship job postings