CGU Joint Assembly Success - Colin McCarter

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Colin McCarterCongratulations to Colin McCarter on winning the D.M. Gray Scholarship for the best student paper in hydrology! Colin is a PhD student within the wetlands hydrology research lab under the supervision of Dr. Jonathan Price. Colin's research interest focuses on water and contaminant transport in saturated and unsaturated peatlands and the ecohydrological implications of these processes. Specifically, determining the transport of wastewater contaminants in peatlands and the structural changes that occur within peat due to wastewater contaminants. Additionally, Colin is investigating the the effect of compression on the pore geometry and unsaturated water flow in Sphagnum mosses. Colin won the D.M. Gray Scholarship in 2014, with Scott Ketcheson winning the scholarship in 2013.

This award is made possible by a donation from the Gray family.

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