Jon gives the 2017 Canadian Geophysical Union Woo lecture

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Jonathan giving a lecture
Jon gave the final day plenary talk at the 2017 Canadian Geophysical Union (CGU) and Canadian Society of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology (CSAFM) Joint Annual meeting at University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, British Colombia in May with his presentation titled 'Breaking Bad: Wetlands in need of a fix'. His talk focused around the degradation of many of Canada's wetlands from agricultural drainage and peat harvesting, collateral damage in mine operations and contaminant agricultural to direct removal for urban, industrial, pipelines and mine expansion. Many of Canada’s boreal wetlands are in need of a fix. This presentation reviews some of the damage to boreal peatlands caused by resource development, its implications for peatland function, and ways to address it.

Never before (and likely never again) have peatlands, comic book antiheros, bagpipes and death metal been combined into a thoroughly informative and entertaining presentation as this one.

Thanks Jon!