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whole family lab logoThe Whole Family Lab takes a family-wide approach to understanding the multiple, complex influences on child development. Our program of clinical science considers the effects of adversity, social disadvantage, trauma, and technology on family relationships and developmental health.

Methodologically speaking, epidemiological and clinical research paradigms are utilized, in addition to dyadic and relational approaches to statistical modelling. We work closely with community health and social services in order to make sure our science reaches the people who make it possible!

  1. May 26, 2022Trauma Information for Families (English and Ukrainian)
    How can war (conflict/stress/trauma) affect children?

    Check out these new research-based infographics on Trauma Information for Families from the Whole Family Lab!

    Trauma Information for Families (English version)

    Trauma Information for Families (Ukrainian version)

  2. May 5, 2022Supporting the Mental Health of Refugee Youth
    The Refuge Podcast: Episode 7: Supporting the Mental Health of Refugee Youth

    The Child and Youth Refugee Research Coalition (CYRRC)'s new podcast series, The Refuge, brings together youth with refugee experience, academics, and community partners to discuss issues affecting refugee children, youth, and families in Canada. Check out the newest episode of The Refuge where Whole Family Lab researcher Jean de Dieu Basabose and other guests offer perspectives on the most common mental health challenges faced by youth with refugee experience, coping mechanisms, and how to support refugee youth’s wellbeing.

  3. Mar. 3, 2022How to talk to your kids about the Ukraine Crisis
    How to talk to your kids about the Ukraine Crisis

    In Goodable's first YouTube Live session, Dr. Dillon Browne discusses recommended ways in which parents can speak to their children about the war and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, and how to look for signs that your child might be struggling at this time. 

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