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whole family lab logoThe Whole Family Lab takes a family-wide approach to understanding the multiple, complex influences on child development. Our program of clinical science considers the effects of adversity, social disadvantage, trauma, and technology on family relationships and developmental health.

Methodologically speaking, epidemiological and clinical research paradigms are utilized, in addition to dyadic and relational approaches to statistical modelling. We work closely with community health and social services in order to make sure our science reaches the people who make it possible!

  1. Aug. 16, 20194 Steps for Discussing Traumatic Events with Children

    Interested in learning how to talk to your kids about distressing events? Check out this blog in Psychology Today written by Dr. Browne and incoming graduate student Shealyn May

  2. July 22, 2019Is your child addicted to screens?

    Want to learn more about screentime addiction and how to manage screen use in your household? Check out this article by Dr. Browne and our incoming graduate student Jackson Smith

  3. July 10, 2019How to Talk to your Children about Sexual Abuse

    This morning Dr. Browne was on the Morning Edition - K-W with Craig Norris to discuss child sexual abuse in light of a recent case in Kitchener. Dr. Browne offers suggestions to parents on how to have a conversation with their children about incidents such as this, along with feelings of safety, and how to open the line for discussion of feelings and emotions within the family unit.

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