Konrad Jens Krogstad

Konrad Krogstad
EIT 2005

Winter Soil Processes Research Team:


My research focuses on the role of winter soil processes in affecting soil microbial and geochemical dynamics and on the export of carbon and nutrients to groundwater under changing climate conditions. 

In cold climate regions, increased winter temperatures are expected to increase the frequency of soil freeze-thaw cycles and to alter snow cover conditions. The objectives of my research project are to 1) examine the rates and mechanisms of soil biogeochemical processes under variable freeze-thaw cycles and soil moisture content conditions and 2) to determine the effects on carbon and nutrient cycling under variable snow cover and winter conditions using laboratory-controlled soil column experiments. 

The insights gained through experimental and modeling activities will yield a better conceptual understanding of winter soil processes and strengthen their representation in coupled biogeochemical-hydrological catchment models.