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Work-Learn Institute

Future-proven research from the leaders in work-integrated education

The Work-Learn Institute (WxL) is the only research unit of its kind researching the development of talent through quality work-integrated learning (WIL) programs.

Quality standards

WxL establishes quality standards for meaningful, high-quality co-operative education and work-integrated learning programs.


Waterloo has the largest co-operative education program of its kind in the world, giving WxL access to the largest dataset of student and employer data to study the future of work.


WxL is an incubator for WIL innovation testing new models and ideas to continue to evolve the practice of co-op and work-integrated learning to meet the changing demands of the labour market.

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Research spotlight

What does Gen Z prioritize in the workplace? To enhance understanding of the future workforce, Work-Learn Institute surveyed 2,097 Waterloo co-op students in 2022 to learn what values and work arrangements are most important to them. Findings of this study will help educators better support them in career planning and help employers attract and retain emerging Gen Z talent. From this report you’ll learn:

  • How organizations can best support Gen Z by creating conducive work conditions.
  • The universal human values Gen Z prioritizes.
  • What to advertise in your job description to attract and retain top Gen Z talent.