Work-Learn Insight - December 2021

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As we wrap up 2021, we want to thank our students, employer and staff for working together to prepare for the future of work.

Over the past year, the Work-Learn Institute presented The future-ready workforce series. The series of four webinars offered research insights from Waterloo experts, as well as student and employer guest speakers to share how you can be future-ready in an evolving world of work. 

We're excited to provide more research-based insights in 2022 through events and newsletters. Stay tuned for what's coming next year. 


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Upskill your talent to remain competitive in an evolving world

As we continue to navigate the changes in the workforce, we recognize that organizations are facing a need to upskill their employees to create opportunities to take on new roles and projects at work. Upskilling provides someone with more advanced skills through additional education and training. But what skills should your employees learn? Learn more about upskilling your talent to prepare for the future of work.

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10 tips to prepare for the future of work: A year in review

It's undeniable - COVID-19 changed the workforce. To help your organization navigate these changes, the Work-Learn Institute launched The future-ready workforce series: a series of online events that provided research-based insights into recruiting, engaging, converting and retaining, and upskilling your talent. We've outlined the top takeaways from this series to help your organization navigate the future of work. 

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We have templates, checklists and other recruitment resources ready for you. Our Employer+ Resource Hub provides you the expertise, resources and tools to take advantage of all the benefits WIL programs have to offer—including time-saving downloadable templates so you can spend time on what you do best. Keep an eye out for the “Engage/Convert” and “Upskill/Reskill” sections to be launched soon.

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From customizable workshops to data-driven reports to joining us in the development of new research, we look forward to working with you. Find out more about improving how you recruit and hire, engage your employees and upskill/reskill your employees.

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