Work-Learn Insight - April 2022

Welcome to the second year of the Work-Learn Institute’s Insight newsletter.  

As the only research unit of its kind, with access to the world’s largest database of co-op student and employer information, we’re continuously learning more about how to find, recruit, engage and retain the next generation of talent. We’re sending out fewer newsletters, but we’ll continue to distill what we’ve learned to give you useful tips and best practices to apply within your organization.  

Get informed. Get future ready. 

In this issue, we explore what a lifelong learner is and why it’s critical to have them in your organization.  

5 quick tips to attract, foster and support lifelong learners  

  1. Include clarity around opportunities to learn new things or make a positive impact in your job descriptions

  2. Hire a co-op student! Supervising students is a great professional development opportunity, and often inspires workers to upskill to stay current on technology and trends. 

  3. Build social time into your onboarding processes - meaningful social connections at work is a building block of relevant work experiences and provides a network of human resources to support growth and adaptability.

  4. Get employees to regularly self-reflect to help them identify their strengths, interests, and areas for development. 

  5. Provide support, time, and funding for professional development opportunities, such as microcredentials

Keep reading to learn more about lifelong learning, the other attributes your organization needs to succeed, and how University of Waterloo can help! 

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    Framing future-ready talent 

    (4-minute video)

    Workers with a lifelong learning mindset experience greater career success. Our research-backed Future-ready Talent Framework will help you understand lifelong learning and the 11 other competencies critical to identifying, recruiting and retaining the right candidates with the right skills to help you succeed in the uncertain future. 

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    Self-development builds staffing resilience during a talent crisis 

    (2-minute read)

    Lifelong learners are more likely to experience increased work performance, promotion and satisfaction – supporting them can boost retention! Learn how to access and support lifelong learners with career development programs in order to strengthen your team’s resiliency, withstand the ‘great resignation,’ and mitigate recruitment risks and costs. 


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    The future-ready workforce series: A characteristic you need in your future workforce
    June 1, 2022 | 1 to 2 p.m.
    Join industry leaders and researchers from the Work-Learn Institute to learn about the characteristics of lifelong learners and what they can contribute to your organizational success. REGISTER NOW

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    We can analyze many parts of the student or employment experience and create a customized data set, analysis and report based on your requirements. We can also present the information to a group of your colleagues discuss the implications for how you could improve your hiring approach and recruitment strategy.