Recruiting young talent in a remote world

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COVID-19 disrupted workplace culture, accelerating the need for strategic initiatives focused on managing young talent. Key human resources concerns like recruitment and talent retention have been altered dramatically. To keep up, hiring programs and HR strategies must be agile to best position your organization ahead of uncertainty. Our speakers at the first event of the Future-Ready Workforce Series identified three key themes related to recruitment:

  1. Recruit for an equitable and diverse workforce: Organizations need to establish a more diverse, inclusive and equitable talent pipeline. You can achieve this through blind recruitment, unconscious bias training, and looking beyond Canadian experience requirements.
  2. Attract the right candidates: Highlight how candidates can learn, make an impact and connect their academic learnings to work makes the job more attractive to Gen Z talent. When you outline these themes in a job description, young talent can see themselves in the role and you don’t feel like you’re changing your company values or offerings.
  3. Strengthen your remote recruitment strategies: As many use these strategies to build their talent pipeline, we’ve seen a shift in skills needed to be successful in a remote environment. These include communication, initiative, self-direction and time management skills, adaptability and familiarity with teleconference software.

You can better prepare for a complex future workplace through the discovery of new ways to recruit top talent. Interested in learning more? Get further insights by watching a recording of the event