Work-Learn Insight - June 2021

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Welcome to the June Work-Learn Insight Newsletter. With more than half of Canadians partially vaccinated against COVID-19, we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

The way organizations convert and retain emerging talent has certainly changed over the last year as we transitioned to a more remote workforce. To understand the impact COVID-19 had on the workforce, we must look at the perspective of both the employer and the emerging talent. 

Read on to learn how to maximize your talent pipeline and how your organization’s values align with those of the next generation of talent. 

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Maximize your talent pipeline potential by retaining emerging talent

You can develop your talent pipeline by incorporating work-integrated learning (WIL) into your recruitment strategy. Hiring students every four months may seem counter-intuitive, but research shows that participating in WIL programs can enhance your talent pipeline. Learn how one company converts and retains their student talent. 

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Perception vs. reality - Gen Z values may be different than what you think

Do your organization's values align with those of the next generation of talent? One survey shows that 50% of students won't accept a job where the company's values don't align with their own. Hear from one Waterloo alumnus about the importance of organizational values and retaining Gen Z talent.

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The future-ready workforce series: Converting & retaining the next generation of talent. Join us on July 14 at 12:00 p.m. ET for the next event in our multi-part series and discover how employers are converting and retaining talent in today's challenging market. Access research insights from Waterloo experts, as well as student and employer guest speakers, that highlight what is changing in our workforce. You'll also learn how organizations can use their values to motivate young talent, build a supportive, connected and loyal company culture and encourage meaningful contributions. 

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We have templates, checklists and other recruitment resources ready for you. Our Employer+ Resource Hub provides you the expertise, resources and tools to take advantage of all the benefits WIL programs have to offer—including time-saving downloadable templates so you can spend time on what you do best. Keep an eye out for the “Engage/Convert” and “Upskill/Reskill” sections to be launched soon.

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From customizable workshops to data-driven reports to joining us in the development of new research, we look forward to working with you. Find out more about improving how you recruit and hire, engage your employees and upskill/reskill your employees.