The WCC Releases New Resources on Writing with GenAI for Students

Monday, September 18, 2023
New WCC resources on Writing with Gen AI for students

The Writing and Communication Centre (WCC) has just released a new series of five resources that guide students on whether and how to use GenAI in their writing processes. The resources discuss the following topics:

  1. Overview
  2. Getting Started 
  3. Drafting  
  4. Revising and editing
  5. Documenting and Citing 

Through examples, the guides discuss good prompt writing and illustrate how GenAI can be used to support tasks like brainstorming, drafting a research question, finding transition phrases, revising for clarity and organization, and editing. There are examples of undergraduate assignments from different disciplines, but the resources can be used by graduate students too.

In addition to sharing concrete examples, the resources encourage students to decide whether they should use GenAI for their purpose by considering if their use is ethical and productive. There are cautions and tips to help students manage their academic integrity and links to University policy and University resources.

If they are allowed to use GenAI and choose to, students are also encouraged to document their interactions with GenAI. The final resource on citing and documenting GenAI discusses documentation and offers some templates. Documentation helps students map the points of intersection between their GenAI use and their own research and drafting activities. It can also help them develop better awareness of and stronger decision-making in their research and writing processes.