Support for Classes

Course-integrated custom workshops and seminars

The Course-integrated Support (CIS) program supports faculty, (student) associations, and research groups in writing and multimodal practices in their respective virtual and/or classroom learning environment by focusing on the following: 

  1. Creating autonomy/agency in student writing  
  2. Providing opportunity and resources for writing support  
  3. Building rhetorical distance to check assumptions  

How it works

  • You can request a custom workshop or seminar by completing our request form through the button below. This form is for faculty members/student association leaders/research groups who would like to: 
  • Report the reuse of an asynchronous workshop already in their possession  
  • Request a new asynchronous/synchronous/in-person workshop or seminar 
  • Request an Arts First workshop
  • Request modifications to an asynchronous/synchronous workshop or seminar they’ve used in the past 
  • Request a moderated LEARN discussion post 
  • Request a synchronous Q&A

Because we receive a large number of requests from faculty, (student) associations, and research groups, we can typically only deliver one workshop or seminar per request. To help us prioritize your request, please submit your request at least four weeks before the delivery date. If you have any further questions regarding course-integrated support, please contact Jirina Poch


CIS Success Stories

Communication support for courses, (student) associations, & research groups

The Writing and Communication Centre is here to support your communication needs in the following streams: 

  • Asynchronous  
  • Synchronous (virtual or in-person) 
  • Hybrid 
  • Moderated discussion board on LEARN 
  • Live Q & A 

Custom Workshop and Seminar Request Process

Our Workshops & Integrated Programs Coordinator will work with you to develop a workshop or seminar on a particular topic/discipline specific genre suitable for your audience. 

Before requesting a custom workshop, have a look through the current online workshops we have available for students during the term. These workshops are available through the LEARN platform. 

Here’s a quick video to help guide you in requesting a custom workshop or seminar :

Coming soon!

Timing your request

All requests are assessed individually by our Workshops & Integrated Programs Coordinator to determine how we can best provide custom support for your course, (student) association, or research group. Due to the high volume of requests we recieve each term, we require requests to be submitted a minimum of four weeks before the planned delivery date. 

Collaborative Process

Due to the custom nature of our workshop/seminar design, the Workshops and Integrated Programs Coordinator (WIPC) works closely with the member to assess needs, develop intended learning objectives, and create or access discipline specific examples to support audience learning throughout the process.  

The CIS team promotes cross-collaboration with team members and supports the request from beginning to end.  

If you have any further questions regarding course-integrated support, please contact Jirina Poch

Ongoing Support After CIS

We offer lots of ways for your students to access Writing and Communication support virtually. To connect them to us, you can include text in your syllabusadd our slide for LEARN, or add our 2-minute introductory video to your course. This fun video has open captions and we encourage you to include this transcript for accessibility.


Meet the CIS Team

Image of Jirina Poch

As the Workshops and Integrated Programs Coordinator, Jirina is responsible for the development, implementation, and delivery of virtual and in-person workshops and seminars to support the writing and communication activities of undergraduate and graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows.  Jirina maintains a highly collaborative process and coordinates with campus partners to design and deliver customized workshops and seminars for departments, research institutes, and other campus groups. Additionally, she ensures that values of equity and inclusivity are embedded in the practices and programs that CIS supports. 


Jirina K. Poch | Workshops and Integrated Programs Coordinator




Elisabeth van Stam

Elisabeth is a writing advisor who specializes in creating unique communication programming and providing STEM communication support. This means she spends a lot of her time creating synchronous and asynchronous instructional content for faculty and students as well as helping STEM students sound clearer and more accessible! Her experience comes from UG and graduate degrees in the sciences, working as a wildlife biologist in consulting and at NGOs, as well as a life-long love for reading and writing. Fun fact: Elisabeth spent her previous career working with invertebrates, snakes, bats, songbirds, owls, eagles, and Painted Dogs. She was surprised to discover that teaching university students is not particularly different!    

Elisabeth Van Stam | Workshops and Integrated Programs, STEM Specialist