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The CIS winter term has wrapped up! Thank you for including our program in your classrooms, your student groups, and your research groups. We look forward to collaborating with you in the upcoming terms.  

If you are planning for Spring 2022 term, we are delighted to inform you the Course-Integrated Program Spring 2022 term has launched, so please feel free to fill out the following in-take form to book your spot.

The Course-integrated Support (CIS) program supports faculty, (student) associations, and research groups in writing and multimodal practices in their respective virtual and/or classroom learning environment by focusing on the following: 

  1. Creating autonomy/agency in student writing  
  2. Providing opportunity and resources for writing support  
  3. Building rhetorical distance to check assumptions  

The CIS team promotes a collaborative approach with the instructor, student- led leader, or research member, to identify what ways Writing and Communication Centre can assist in fulfilling the needs of the course, (student) association, or the research group.  The program incorporates the explicitness of conventions (based on discipline), experiential learning, and peer interaction. 

If you have any further questions regarding course-integrated support, please contact Jirina Poch

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